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Parents & Citizens Association

The Jannali High School has an active and committed P&C committee. The P&C meet with the Principal and other school staff once per term at night in the school library to discuss educational programs and consider new initiatives.

Parents and carers are notified in advance of the meetings via email, SMS, the school newsletter and the electronic school sign.

In order to maximise parent and carer involvement in our P & C, The Jannali High School has introduced an "eP&C" (the Electronic Parents and Citizens) committee.

This mode of operating enables conversations and decisions to be made about how the P&C and the school can work to support our students in improving their learning outcomes using an online secure closed FaceBook group which will be closely managed by our P&C and the school.

We hope this technology will provide opportunities for more people to be involved, as it will allow online interaction and fewer on-site meetings each year. Any family that has paid the school's P&C contribution is able to join in the "online conversation" and help to make decisions about how TJHS can best support its students in their learning.

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