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Year 7 Policy and Procedures

Local enrolment applications

Families must live in the Department of Education (DoE) local boundaries to be considered ‘local students’. The boundary for the local intake area (for Year 7 2022 onwards) is illustrated in the map below:

TJHS Intake Zone

An enrolment interview is required with the Principal or Deputy Principal to discuss the school’s values, educational philosophy and other expectations, the student’s learning needs and history, extra-curricula programs and school organisation.

Once a student has been accepted, all forms will need to be returned to the school, a school uniform purchased and a portion of the school contributions and subject contributions paid. A date for the commencement of the enrolment will be advised once the proof of clearance from the previous school is provided.

Out-of-Area enrolment applications

Students residing outside of the local in-take area may be considered for enrolment depending on current student numbers and available space based on the enrolment ceiling. The school’s enrolment Placement Panel will meet to consider applications from students residing out of the local in-take area.

Our out-of-area enrolment policy is currently under review. 

High Potential & Extension class placements

The Jannali High School has a High Potential & Extension class in both Year 7 and Year 8 for students who have a commitment to individualising learning, an interest in developing their creative talents and an ability to develop higher order problem solving skills. Only teachers already qualified or currently undertaking professional learning / mentoring in Gifted Education teach these classes.

The Jannali High School has a long tradition of engagement and success in the area of the creative and performing arts and has developed a whole-school ensemble performance program. Students are able to apply for special consideration to be enrolled in the school, based on a successful application for the Creative and Performing Arts ensemble program, in Dance and Drama.

The Placement Panel for the Creative and Performing Arts ensemble program consists of the Principal, the Deputy Principal responsible for the relevant year group, the Head Teacher Creative and Performing Arts and a classroom teacher responsible.

Students applying for enrolment in the Creative and Performing Arts ensemble program are required to complete the appropriate application form and undertake a formal audition. The Head Teacher Creative and Performing Arts and another teacher with expertise in the relevant curriculum area will conduct the audition at The Jannali High School or an alternate suitable venue. In addition to their written application and audition, applicants will need to address the school’s enrolment criteria. Further information is available on the Scholarships and Awards page.

Waiting list

A waiting list for out-of-area applicants will be maintained for a period of one (1) calendar year. The size of this list will reflect realistic expectations of potential vacancies. Parents / carers will be advised in writing if their child is to be placed on a waiting list. For Year 6 into Year 7 applications – where no non-local places are available, the Principal will establish a waiting list for up to 10 students.


Where a parent / carer wishes to appeal against the decision of the Placement Panel, the appeal should be made in writing to the Principal. Where required, the Principal will provide or arrange assistance, such as an interpreter, to enable the appeal to be set out in writing. The Principal will seek to resolve the matter. If the matter is not resolved at the school level, the Director, Public Schools, will be asked to consider the appeal and make a determination. The purpose of the appeal is to determine whether the stated criteria have been applied fairly.