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Primary Enrichment Program

The program caters for gifted and talented children by providing enrichment and challenge activities which will broaden the children's perspective on learning. The focus will be on the use of higher order thinking skills and problem-solving based learning. Activities will complement the Stage 3 curriculum with the aim of extending and deepening students' knowledge and understanding. There will be no overlap with the standard Stage 3 and Stage 4 curriculum.

The days will run as a series of workshops which will enable students to be immersed in particular topics and mini projects. The benefits of the immersion technique allows for indepth processing of the knowledge to be acquired and high quality work to be produced. Tasks will require students to collaborate with their peers in the project and to network with each other.

This program is a collaborative local public schools initiative. 

Semester 2 2018 Program

Year 5 and Year 6 students are invited to participate in any or all of the following workshops being offered in our exciting Enrichment Program during Semester 2. The cost of each course is $120 - numbers are limited.


Below is a snapshot of the workshops which will be presented.  To find out more information on how to enrol and click on the file below:


Semester 2 Enrichment Handbook 

Term 3

Scientific Conundrum (Thursday 2/08/18 – 23/08/18)

During this hands-on workshop you will be busy with experiments which investigate the exciting area of chemistry in your world. In the third week we will visit this year’s exciting Science Festival at the Australian Museum to witness some innovative science workshops and exhibitions.  This excursion will incur an extra $25.

Exploring Mythology (Thursday 30/8/18 –20/09/18)

If you love exploring the mythical world, you will love this workshop.  Come on a journey of the Ancient Roman and Greek gods and goddesses.  Find out about the Celtic myths and the Viking explorers.  Delve into the African legends and visit the stories of the past from the Far East.  Behind every culture there are fascinating mythical stories about their past.

Term 4

Forensic Science (Thursday 25/10/18 –15/11/18)

If you fancy yourself working in a CSI laboratory as a forensic scientist then join this workshop for four weeks of intrigue and forensic experiments. You will investigate such evidence as blood splatters and blood types, fingerprints, hairs, fibres from clothes, tiny traces of chemicals and handwriting clues in the case of forgery.  Give your detective interests a kick start with this workshop!