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TJHS Tek Stars

In 2016, as an outgrowth of the 21st Century Learning Program, all students were asked to submit an EOI for a student technical leadership role for 2017. The Tek Star role required a student to demonstrate thorough knowledge of iSuite Apps as well as sound understanding of the technical and productivity capabilities of the iPad.


Eight students were identified as fulfilling the capabilities required. In 2017 our Tek Stars, made visible across the school by a TJHS-designed badge, took on the leadership roles by establishing a collaborative digital document to record questions and problems they encountered. Their action plan was the establishment of a Tek Bar facility in the Library to assist other students with any iPad problems, whether technical or app related.


They worked on a roster system in the Library accessed not just by students, but teachers as well. The students utilised the Numbers app to develop a group action plan to provide whole school mentoring, shared within their team and with the senior executive. 

2018 Tek Stars:

Back row: Will, Jessica, Noah, Chris, Natasha

Middle row: Natasha, Amy, Tamara, Georgia, Daniella

Front row: Oscar, Jayden, Blake

The videos below have been developed by our Tek Stars to provide solutions to every day issues: connecting to Wifi, uploading to Google classroom and printing from your iPad.