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Sutherland Shire Youth Network is a group of individuals and organisations that meets bimonthly to discuss activities, programs and opportunities for young people. 

More information is available on or by calling 02 9710 0381.

Click here to view contact details for youth and other support services available.




Since 2002, the Streetsmart Handbook has been available to teenagers at secondary schools with the aim of helping to educate our youth on important topics relevant to them as they transition into adult life.

Neighbourhood Watch Australasia's (NHWA) partnership with the Streetsmart Handbook will not only assist teenagers with subjects such as cyber bullying, depression, social behaviour in the community, dangers of drugs/alcohol and much more but will also engage our brand and goals in creating a safe, connected and inclusive community, where people feel empowered, informed and engaged with one another and with local police.

The Streetsmart Handbook will not only benefit teenagers but will also give their families guidance towards various places, organisations and contacts whenever they need assistance.