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In NSW high schools, languages is a key learning area.

Language study allows students to develop communication skills, learn about languages as systems and explore the relationship between language and culture. Students engage with the linguistic and cultural diversity of societies and reflect on their understanding of social interactions.

Our staff:

Ms K Park

Ms L Zhao


Stage 4 subjects on offer:



Stage 5 subjects on offer:

Italian (100 and 200 hour)

Japanese (200 hours)

Stage 6 subjects on offer:

Italian Beginners

Italian Continuers

Japanese Beginners

Japanese Continuers

Subject requirements:

  • iPad
  • Hai Hai 1 & 2 student workbooks

Subject requirements:

  • iPad
  • Hai Hai 3 & 4 student workbooks
  • Ecco 1 & Ecco 2 (for 200 hour course)

Student requirements

  • iPad
  • Hai Hai 5 & 6 student workbooks
  • Mirai 5 & 6 workbooks

Annual faculty events:

Hosting students from Japan

Travelling to Japan (every 2 years)

Year 10 Language day

HSC Language study days

excursions for Stage 5 electives