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Our staff:

Ms Simone McKay (Head Teacher)

Mr Ken Allen

Ms Soma Das

Miss Carol Deng (Student Adviser Year 10)

Mr Blake Churton

Ms Shenese Dawson

Mrs Elizabeth Moses

Ms Susana Nondas

Mr Matthew Ottley (Student Adviser Year 9)

Mrs Tenille Warrington

The Mathematics Faculty at The Jannali High School is a team of dedicated and dynamic professionals. We endeavour to share our passion for mathematics with all our students, value them as individuals, inspire them to achieve their personal best , value their feedback and encourage them to enjoy their mathematical journey.

As an Apple Distinguished School we embrace technology, with iPads used in the junior school to enhance the learning experience. This technology allows us to supplement lessons with online resources being accessible from every room in the school.

The Mathematics Faculty  offers all mandatory junior course and all senior HSC courses.

Years 7 -8 (Stage4) with graded classes in Year 8

Years 9 - 10 (Stage 5) with three pathways - 5.1, 5.2, 5.3

Years 11 - 12 (Stage 6) Standard 1, Standard 2, Advanced Mathematics, Extension 1 and Extension 2

In order to improve progression in these courses -

  • The Mathematic faculty enrols all students in the online program "Mathletics"
  • Years 7 to 10 participate in the "Mathsmate" homework program
  • All textbooks are available electronically or in hard copy
  • The Quicksmart  program is used to assist students who need a little extra help
  • Talented students participate in the Australian Mathematics Competition and/or Tournament of the Minds
  • The "Maths in Action" excursion is offered to Year 7 students  and talented Year 8 students
  • Study hall/homework help is staffed by volunteers every Wednesday in the library (3:00 to 4:00 pm)
  • The "Numeracy Relay" is organised for Year 8 student as part of Literacy and Numeracy Week
  • A Gifted and Talented class is organise for Year 7 students with these students usually progressing into 8MA1
  • "HSC Success" classes are provided to Year 10 by a teacher/mentor in order to achieve required NAPLAN  Bands

Mathematics is the language with which the universe is written, and in partnership with our community, we will strive to foster a cohort of high achieving, mathematically literate students. 

The study of mathematics is mandatory from Kindergarten to Year 10. 

By studying mathematics, students learn to work mathematically – developing fluency, understanding, problem-solving, reasoning and communication skills.

The syllabus consists of the following strands:

  • number and algebra
  • measurement and geometry
  • statistics and probability.

In Year 11 and 12, the study of mathematics is optional. Courses offered include:

  • Mathematics Extension 2 (Year 12 only)
  • Mathematics Extension 1
  • Mathematics Advanced
  • Mathematics Standard 2
  • Mathematics Standard 1 (Optional HSC examination)
  • Mathematics Life Skills.