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Co-curricular activities

TJHS Concert Band

Our school has a large music ensemble, the TJHS Concert Band. Studying music and learning an instrument improves students’ cognitive function and academic performance. By participating in band students develop their music and teamwork skills, as well as their literacy and numeracy skills relevant to the broader school curriculum. Our program is open to all students from Years 7-12. Through a varied concert schedule, the band are given opportunities to perform several times a year. Performance opportunities vary from the school Open Day, Presentation Day, Combined Schools Concerts, Formal Year Meetings and community eisteddfods and competitions.

Band students participate in two sessions per week: an instrumental tutorial and a full ensemble rehearsal.  

Instrument Tutorial - Monday 7:30-8:40am

In this session students will be working in instrument sectionals with specialist tutors to develop instrument techniques and sight-reading skills whilst working through the band’s repertoire.

Ensemble Rehearsal - Wednesday 7:30-8:40am

In their weekly band rehearsal, all students will come together as an ensemble with our conductor, Mr Eric Dunan.

The program is managed by our Music teacher, Mr Benjamin Bleyerveen. Students who are interested in joining the band should complete this form and return it to the CAPA Staffroom.  

Students are encouraged to bring their own ​instrument, however, we have a selection of instruments available for loan.

TJHS Art Club

The TJHS Art Club meets once a week during lunch in the CAPA block. Students work on self-directed projects, as well as collaborative projects, developing their skills across a range of media. Throughout the year, various community exhibition opportunities are provided as well as school based initiatives.  All students are welcome to participate in Art Club. Students wishing to attend should drop into the CAPA Staffroom and speak to the Visual Arts teachers. 

The Tech Crew

Students with skills and interest in backstage, audio and lighting are encouraged to join the TJHS Tech Crew. Students selected for Tech Crew must have written permission from their parents/caregivers and the endorsement of a teacher and their Year Adviser. If selected, students manage a range of school based productions and events, developing industry skills in audio, lighting and backstage. They develop leadership, communication and collaboration skills working with their peers and members of staff. Students wanting to participate must complete this form and return it to Mr Evan Wilkins in the CAPA Staffroom. 

Other opportunities for our high achieving students include:

We encourage our students to become involved in state and national academic competitions in English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography. Our students consistently achieve a high degree of excellence in these competitions. In 2010 one of our students was voted the best speaker at the Model United Nations (MUNA) competition.

Empowering Youth to Inspire Change (EYTIC) Program - Letter from the Office of the Mayor, Georges River Council