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Primary Scholarships

The Jannali High School is an active member of the Heart of The Shire Community of Schools (HOTSCOS). The school has a focus on excellence in education and the development of active positive citizens.

School priorities include:

  • Promoting excellence in student achievement,
  • Developing inquiring, critical, independent learners and leaders,
  • Promoting engagement and a positive learning community,
  • Quality teaching and learning,
  • Formative assessment and feedback and
  • Student voice and leadership

These are important drivers in the school’s improvement agenda.

As such we offer a SCHOLARSHIP for ONE student from each of our feeder primary schools, who is enrolling into TJHS in Year 7. The criteria to  nominate a student for this award include :

  • proven academic ability
  • demonstrated diligence and sustained efforts in the classroom/ learning tasks
  • demonstrated leadership abilities / representing themselves as community-minded individuals