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School uniform

The development of schooltone and the prestige of the school in the community have an important influnce on your child's future. The Jannali High School's uniform policy demonstrates the high expectations we have of our students in representing themselves and our community. We seek parental support to ensure your child's uniform adheres to our uniform policy. The school uniform helps our students to identify with the school and gives them a sense of belonging to a worthwhile group.

The wearing of uniforms has several advantages. A school uniform:

  • emphasises our school identity, continuity and morale.  Our uniform also promotes associated high standards of behaviour
  • embodies a consensus of school and community views on what constitutes appropriate and distinctive schoolwear
  • minimises disputes or indecision about what is appropriate school wear
  • is chosen according to standards for healthy, safe and respectable clothing
  • is economical, neat and distinctive
  • helps to develop an understanding which will not only reflect well on the school, but will assist students later to gain and retain employment through knowledge of appropriate standards of dress
  • promotes social cohesion by removing one basis for discrimination between individuals or groups
  • allows staff to identify unwelcome visitors to the school.

The file below contains the current price list, order form and sizing guide.

TJHS Uniform Order

All possessions, including clothing, should be labelled. Students are responsible for the safety of their belongings.

About the Uniform Shop
Uniforms can be purchased from the school's uniform shop . The school's uniform shop is open on Tuesday's between 1.30pm and 2.00pm. If you are unable to purchase items in person, simply fill in an order form and return it to school with your payment. Instructions on ordering procedures are noted at the top of the form. Orders are filled on Tuesday and sent to your child's classroom with a receipt. if the item is out of stock we will notify you and send it when the item is available. 

The Uniform Shop will open one day each school holidays. This date will be published on the website prior to the holidays.

Exchange and refund
If you purchase an item and find it is unsuitable, please return it the following week with the tags still on and with your receipt. We are happy to exchange for the correct size. We can also refund if necessary.

The Uniform Shop has credit card / EFTPOS facilities. Payment can also be made with cash (correct money would be appreciated as the school does not retain money on the premises) cheque or through the 'Make a Payment' tab on the website home page. 

Any items not listed below such as hoodies, undershirts, coloured and visible under garments, and beanies are not part of the school uniform and as such are not to be worn to school.


Dress:      Princess-style (Yrs 7-12))

Blouse:    White pintuck o/blouse (Yrs 7—10)

Blouse:    Sky pintuck o/blouse (Yrs 11—12)

Skirt:        Tartan pleated skirt

Shorts:     Navy tailored with cuff

Slacks:      Navy tailored”

Jumper:    Woollen Navy blue w/school crest

Cardigan:  Navy blue w/school crest)

Tie:            Official school tie

Socks:       White ankle style “Bonds”

Shoes:      Black leather (fully enclosed, no white or coloured trim, no “ballet” or “Mary-Jane” style)


Shirt:         White w/school crest (Yrs 7—10)

Shirt:         Sky w/school crest (Yrs 11—12)

Shorts:      Navy college baggies

Trousers:  Navy college extendable pants

Jumper:    Woollen Navy blue w/school crest

Tie:            Official school tie

Socks:       White ankle style “Bonds”

Shoes:      Black leather (fully enclosed, no white or coloured trim)


Polo Top:     Sky blue/white microfiber

Shorts:          Navy microfibre

Jacket:          All seasons microfiber

Trackpants:  Navy microfibre

Socks:           White sports style “Bonds”