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School uniform

The Jannali High School’s uniform policy reflects the high expectations we have of our students. The uniform emphasises our school identity, and as such we expect our students to wear their uniform with pride. Consequently, the school, in conjunction with the P & C, endorses the correct wearing of our uniform at all times.

Any items not listed below such as hoodies, undershirts, coloured and visible under garments, and beanies are not part of the school uniform and as such are not to be worn to school.


  • Princess style dress
  • Pleated check day skirt
  • White (junior) or sky blue (senior) button through over blouse with embroidered logo
  • Navy gabardine tailored trousers
  • Navy gabardine tailored shorts
  • Black or blue stockings (winter). No logos or motifs
  • Black lace-up, fully enclosed leather/suede shoes
  • Navy v-neck jumper with school logo
  • Navy v-neck cardigan
  • Navy microfibre jacket, or soft shell jacket, with school logo
  • Navy scarf (winter only)



  • White (junior) or sky blue (senior) button through shirt with embroidered pocket
  • Navy melange zip fly dress short
  • Navy melange zip fly tailored trouser
  • Navy v-neck jumper with school logo
  • Navy microfibre jacket, or navy soft-shell jacket, with school logo
  • Black lace-up fully enclosed leather/suede shoes
  • Navy scarf (winter only)






SPORTS / PE UNIFORM - Thursdays and during PE lessons

  • Light blue collared mesh polo shirt with school logo
  • Navy microfibre shorts with school logo
  • Navy microfibre track pants with school logo
  • White socks, above the ankle. No logos, no motifs
  • Sports shoes or joggers
  • Navy microfibre or soft shell jacket with school logo
  • Navy v-neck jumper


Students are expected to wear the correct uniform each day. Students who are out of uniform are expected to have a valid reason, outlined in a note from the parent or guardian. This note must be presented to the Roll Call teacher who will issue a day uniform pass.

However, a number of clothing items are not permitted at any time:

  • Non-approved sloppy – joe or “hoodie” style tops, under or over the school uniform
  • “Bike” pants, lycra tights, lycra shorts, or “micro” shorts
  • Undershirts or t-shirts with logos that are visible through the school shirt
  • Shoes that do not completely cover the foot
  • Hats with offensive logos or that show advertising for products such as cigarettes or alcohol
  • Singlet tops
  • Midriff tops 

Any student who is found wearing these items at school will be asked to remove them or will be asked to change into suitable school uniform provided from the second-hand clothing pool. 

Other items that are NOT part of the school uniform include: 

  • Coloured undershirts (white is acceptable)
  • Long-sleeve undershirts
  • Coloured socks
  • Beanies
  • Oz-tag or other such sports shorts 

Students must have a note and this must be signed and dated by their parents and handed to their roll call teacher, otherwise a detention is issued. 
On THREE occasions out of uniform an AFTERNOON DETENTION is issued (refer to uniform procedure flowchart).

Parents are also asked to ensure that jewellery and other accessories conform to occupational health and safety guidelines.

  • Earrings are to be studs or no larger than 2cm in diameter
  • Fingernails should be no longer than 7mm from the fingertip
  • Acrylic nails should be no longer than 7mm from the fingertip
  • Nose piercings should be studs or rings no larger than 1cm in diameter
  • Eyebrow piercings should be studs
  • Belts should be plain leather with small buckles
  • Bracelets or bangles should be kept to minimum


The school uniform shop is located in the canteen building where all items of the school uniform may be purchased. The Uniform Shop is open on Tuesday between 1:30pm and 2:00pm.  Items of uniform which are no longer needed by students are gratefully accepted. These items must be washed/dry-cleaned and may be distributed to students in need of such items. 

Complete the order form below and send with cash or cheque (made payable to The Jannali High School) or pay online and provide your receipt number and date paid in the space provided at the bottom of the form. Order forms can be emailed, faxed or sent with students. Orders will be filled once payment has been received. The order will be filled and sent to the student.  

Alternatively, parents can come to school and purchase directly from the shop. 

Uniform Price List / Order Form