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Learning Support

The TJHS Student Services Team supports our students through a variety of learning and wellbeing programs. These include QuickSmart Literacy & Numeracy, the Individual Mentoring Program and the Secret Agent Society Social Skills Program.

We are committed to “Every Student, Every School”, a structured learning and support framework for students with disability, learning difficulties or behaviour support needs. We support classroom teachers to differentiate the curriculum and make reasonable adjustments and accommodations for their students.

We work with parents and our local feeder primary school communities to ensure that students are supported in their transition to high school.

Our school Learning Support Team meets regularly to provide timely and targeted support to students that have been referred to the team by parents, clinicians and teachers.

Our Learning Support Team:

Ms Kath Hayward (HT Learning Support)

Ms Violet Van Luyt (HT Wellbeing)

Ms Karen Bleus

Ms Sarah Macey

Mr Jeremy Moors

Ms Natalie Woelms (Transition Adviser)

Ms Emily Cove (Student Support Officer)

Ms Vicki Papaefstathiou (EAL/D)

Our Learning Support Officers:

Ms Sarah Darke

Ms Miriam Handley

Ms Ella Harrison

Ms Nerida Hicks

Ms Isabella Kyriazis

Mr Archer Lane

Ms Rachel Madsen

Ms Kyle Sinclair