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Staff at TJHS are committed to ensuring that all students are effective learners. In keeping with this philosophy, effective organisation and communication between home and school are essential. Education is a partnership between parents and teachers working cooperatively toward the same goals to improve the learning achievement of each student. This partnership will be strong and successful when channels of communication are open between home and school. The school diary thus functions as:

  • an organisational tool for students, and;
  • a method of communication between parents and teachers.

Aims for diary use:

  • every student will have a school diary issued on their first day of school. This diary will be invoiced to each family;
  • every student will have the school diary on their desk in every lesson;
  • teachers will monitor the use of the diary by students in their class for organisational purposes and parent communication;
  • parents will regularly monitor the use of their child’s diary for organisational purposes and teacher communication;
  • roll call teachers may monitor student use of the diary and parent communication on a weekly basis;
  • the diary will be kept neatly, with no graffiti.

Implementation of the Diary Policy

Organisational Tool

  • Homework and assignments to be recorded in the diary
  • Home study planner to be utilised
  • Teachers to check work due is recorded in the diary
  • Parents to monitor students are using the diary as an organisational tool

Communication Tool

  • Teachers will notify parents when homework and assignments are not completed
  • Minor concerns reported to parents by teachers (behaviour, effort, organisation, etc)
  • Parents sign diary weekly


  • Toilet passes
  • Sick bay passes