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BYOiPad / BYOMacBook


The introduction of a “Bring Your Own iPad” (BYOiPad) program at The Jannali High School (TJHS) has empowered students while providing them with direct involvement in the way they use technology in their learning. 

At the same time, BYOiPad enables teachers to develop their knowledge and skills, engage students through the use of different pedagogies and enhance the learning process by involving technology in the classroom. 

Students in Year 7 2022 are expected to bring an iPad to school each day to support their classroom learning as a requirement of the school’s BYO program. 

At TJHS, the iPad is viewed as a learning device, that enhances student engagement. There is a focus on developing inquiry-based learning, creative, collaborative and individualised learning experiences, to extend student learning experiences. The iPad provides students with an anywhere, anytime learning device, with the aim of ensuring a differentiated learning framework.

The minimum specifications for an iPad in 2023 are:

Apple iPad 10.2 (7th Generation or later). These iPads require a lightning connector to have optimum capacity for learning in the classroom.  Students will also need a separate keyboard to participate in the typing instruction. 

A minimum storage of 128GB will be required.


The minimum specifications for a MacBook in 2022 are MacBook Air Apple M1 256GB.