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Human Society and its Environment

In human society and its environment (HSIE), both subjects of history and geography are mandatory from Kindergarten to Year 10.

Our staff:

Mrs L Parnell, Head Teacher (Rel), Girls Co-ordinator

Mrs E Graham, Head Teacher Teaching & Learning

Mrs D Grantham, Senior SRC Co-ordinator

Ms S Gallagher

Mrs N Langley

Ms S Powell (Year 7 Adviser)

Ms H Ingram

Ms S Noble

Ms S Todd 

Stage 4 subjects on offer:

Geography (mandatory)

History (mandatory)

Stage 5 subjects on offer:


History (mandatory)

Commerce (mandatory)

Elective Geography

Elective History

Stage 6 subjects on offer:

Ancient History

Business Studies




Legal Studies

Modern History

Society & Culture

Annual faculty events:

Years 7 - 10 Geography/History excursions

HSC study days

Society & Culture Personal Interest Project (PIP) day

Commerce Small Business Market Day

Commerce fieldwork/excursions