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"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." - Dr Seuss 

Jannali's Ultimate Sustainability Team (J.U.S.T.)

The Jannali High School fosters a strong sense of CARE for the environment and sustainability initiatives. At TJHS, we actively promote a culture that cares for and respects the environment, building upon the energy and enthusiasm of the school community.

Our school has recently formed a club that is actively involved in sustainability initiatives. J.U.S.T or Jannali’s Ultimate Sustainability Team has a keen drive for improving not only our school’s environment but enthusiastically promoting active citizenship.

TJHS and J.U.S.T are involved in many projects, both at a local and global scale. Examples include – Clean Up Australia Day, UN’s World Environment Day, Planet Arks National Plant a Tree day and the Return and Earn Scheme.

Currently, we encourage all members of the school community to donate their refundable bottles to help support out J.U.S.T initiatives.

We endeavour to continually broaden our scope and vision to long term strategic goals. Taking on more projects and developing both our school environment and encouraging environmental awareness.