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Gifted and Talented Class

We cater for gifted and talented students in a range of ways. Our Gifted and Talented class operates in Years 7 and 8, grouping our most able students in a distinct class for the purpose of differentiating their curriculum and instruction. A University of NSW test is used to select the students for this class, and is sat in March each year.  This class continues in Year 8 as a full time ability grouping of students. Students must continue to earn their places in the class on the basis of their assessment and examination results. New enrolments are considered for placement in the class on the basis of their most recent school reports. Application forms are also available from the school office.

Academic extension classes in all other Years provide a focus to ensure our gifted and talented students achieve at the highest level.

A wide range of provision is currently being offered to optimise learning experiences for gifted and talented students. In the classroom, these include: curriculum compacting; curriculum enrichment; a wide range of elective choices and a range of teaching and learning strategies, including contract work and problem solving activities.

Our Year 7 G&T class is actively involved in a number of exciting learning opportunities including Tournament of the Minds. Other opportunities for our high achieving students include:

  • Gifted and Talented Dance scholarship program
  • CAPA scholarship program
  • Inclusion in school performance ensembles, such as our a cappella ensemble;
  • Drama productions;
  • Inter-school debating and public speaking;
  • Inter-school art based projects;
  • Environmental sustainability projects;

We encourage our students to become involved in state and national academic competitions in English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography. Our students consistently achieve a high degree of excellence in these competitions.

Gifted & Talented exam for 2020 class application and information


Gifted and Talented Flowchart                         CAPA Flowchart